About us

Nighthawk Software is a software development company based in Carlisle, Cumbria. Specialising in web development, we make platform independent solutions to help small to medium sized businesses operate more efficiently, providing a more consistent experience to their clients as they grow.

Nighthawk Software was founded in 2013 by Gavin Coates. Having been involved in software development for 14 years, he previously worked at APD with high-profile clients such as Nissan and Pirelli. Here he was the lead developer on ‘Ornavi’, originally a project management system used internally, this was later launched as a SaaS product.

Using the knowledge gained in developing Ornavi, Gavin created a SaaS platform aimed at the IT Asset Disposal (ITAD) industry, named ITADCollect. This platform was launched in 2013, and is still developed and maintained by Nighthawk Software.

Nighthawk Software now works with a number of companies based in Cumbria and Dumfries & Galloway, developing and maintaining SaaS products, such as Ornavi, Agri Ignite and SafeForestry, as well as developing various internal systems to help local businesses grow and better manage their businesses.

Please check out the portfolio section for more details on recent projects.

Our team

Today the team continues to make quality software engineering services available to SMEs spread throughout the Cumbria/Dumfries & Galloway area. We make use of the latest Microsoft technologies, such as C# ASP.NET MVC and Entity Framework for MS SQL Server. Small enough to care, our team is agile, adaptable and professional. We won’t pass you around in circles, talking to sales reps and receptionists. When you want to speak to someone about a project, Gavin will make himself available. Regularly attending face-to-face meetings, many of our clients are local. However, this does not mean that we cannot extend our services to clients located globally and we certainly have the capabilities to do so.

Our mission

If you are a small business struggling with existing systems that just won’t scale up, we are here to help. Our mission is to make custom software available to every type of organisation, no matter the size. In the past, many have found it too expensive and out of reach. Turning to existing products, they found them ill-fitting for their set-up, resulting in lost revenue and wasted investment. We don’t just develop the new software system and then cut and run – we stay by your side, involved all the way. As your business continues to grow and develop, we are on hand to assist.

Our customers

Empathetic towards the needs of small businesses and start-ups, our services start from as little as £5k. Small businesses that are looking to grow but struggling with old-fashioned paper systems come to us for help. Having realised that their current systems just won’t scale with them, they need our expertise to replace existing processes with software-based processes. Maybe you have an idea that would lend itself to a SaaS product but have no idea how to progress to the next step. We can take your concepts and bring them to life, using our years of expertise and knowledge to radically improve the way you work. Think of us as a partner, working by your side and establishing a long-term partnership to develop your bespoke application. From there on, we will continue to support your business, upgrading and assisting in the launch and running of the new system.

Talk to us

We have the solutions to enable your business to reap the rewards of the latest technology. Let us do the hard work, using our expertise to integrate bespoke software systems with your current processes. The result? You reap the rewards of previous investments whilst tapping into industry-specific knowledge.

Our clients are spread throughout the Cumbria/Dumfries & Galloway area but we can also work globally. Talk to us today and let’s begin working together.