Bespoke database solutions to help you work smarter – saving you thousands of hours a year.

With over 15 years experience in working with databases, we’ve quickly became one of the leading experts in database development in Carlisle, Cumbria. From Access to Microsoft SQL Server, we have a deep understanding of them all, and can find the perfect way to implement them in to your business.

We start by working with your team, seeking to learn what makes your business tick, and what your businesses key processes are. Once we begin to understand your business, we can map out the flow of data within your company, and begin to design logic to assist and simplify these processes.

By doing this, we can create data driven systems that enhance decision making, giving you a competitive advantage over your customers.

Why Do I Need A Database?

Databases bring structure and organisation to your businesses data – and crucially, allow it to be queried very quickly and easily.

Take for example a company using spreadsheets to generate quotes for jobs. How would you work out how much you had quoted in the last year, without opening every single spreadsheet and counting the total? By storing all this data in a database, we can run off reports like that in milliseconds, and so much more. How about breakdowns of quotes per month? Or list of most quoted products. Or even success rate based on product.

They say that 80% of revenue often comes from 20% of customers – with a database system we can find out in seconds just who those 20% of customers are.

How much more could you do if you focused your attention on just those 20% of customers?

And best of all, this data can be accessed from anywhere – through a web browser or on a mobile phone. No need to download and pass around spreadsheets, and no need to worry about overwriting someone elses work!

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