FOUR Ways To Improve Your Business At The Click Of A Button

We all want to make our business run as smoothly as possible and in this article we share our top four ways you can improve business performance for you and your colleagues. 4) Ditch The Excel Spreadsheets Not that there’s anything wrong with Excel, don’t get me wrong. It’s a very useful tool in the right situation. But it doesn’t scale. If you’re a one-man-band there’s nothing wrong with keeping a list of all your jobs in an Excel spreadsheet. But what happens when you add a few more members of staff? Perhaps Dave decides to help out and update a few of his jobs, so he copies the spreadsheet, makes a few changes, then copies it back. In-between, John opens the spreadsheet and adds a few jobs of his own. Whoops – Dave just overwrote all those changes! A few years ago I knew a company who had created a great Excel spreadsheet for producing quotes. Every January they would increase their prices, and here lies the problem… Employees were always forgetting to download the updated template with the new prices, instead copying similar quotes from the previous year and sending them out – complete with last year’s prices!…
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A Busy Gym

New Year – New Business

There’s something about the changing of the calendar year that makes us sit back and reflect on where we are in life. Maybe it’s the break for Christmas and the chance to rest and reset. Whatever it is, right now gyms across the country are being flooded with new membership signups as people experience a sudden urge to make changes in their lives. New Year – New You. Bars are emptier than normal as people attempt “Dry January” etc. We make promises for the year to come: get fit, eat healthier, learn a new language, travel more. We’re determined to change and become a better person than we were last year.   So why not do the same for your business? Businesses are no different to our personal lives. We’re well aware of all the problems, but we brush them aside and carry on the way we always have, thinking we’ll sort the issues later when we have time. But as we begin to return to work and start getting back up to speed, now is the ideal time to start looking at things with a fresh take. How could you make your business healthier? Like the personal health kicks…
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Fancy £6,500 for your business?

Fancy £6,500 For Your Business?

Fancy £6,500 For Your Business? As a business owner, you know that you need an accountant and a solicitor. You probably also have a marketing expert you turn to when required. But do you have a web developer or software engineer on call? If not, you probably should. Software is at the heart of every business and how efficiently you use that software can have a massive impact on your business, both in terms of customer perception and employee productivity. So, how can software make you money? Have a think about your employees’ typical day. How much time do they spend on repetitive tasks that could easily be streamlined? Here we share how we could save you thousands of pounds a year by developing custom software for your business.   Example 1: Each Friday, your accounts department spend the morning running through all the jobs that have finished that week, they then create an invoice and send it to the customer. Time taken: 5 hours @£14ph What if instead you had a job tracking system that automatically generated and sent the invoices direct to the client when the job is marked as complete? Time saved: 5 hours Money Saved £70…
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