Our No Outsource Guarantee

You’ve spent ages looking for the right company to work with, and have finally selected someone local that claims to offer the service you need. But are they actually going to do the work, or will they just outsource it to someone else? Unfortunately, this is a common practice in our industry. Mobile app development is a good example of this – you will find an abundance of web design companies stating that they also create mobile apps. Yet when you click on their portfolio of recent work, they don’t seem to list a single one – it’s clear they only do web design (and most do it very well, too). Yet they clearly state on the website that it is a service they offer – and when you call them, they’ll happily  give you a quote. But most of them don’t have the ability to carry out this work – web design and mobile app development are two completely different skill sets. Instead, they’ll outsource it. But who are they outsourcing it to? In most cases I’ve came across, they’ve simply hired a freelancer based in Asia that they’ve found on an online marketplace who will do it nice…
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Welcome To The Digital Age. Are You Making Effective Use Of Your Company’s Data?

Forget the bronze or stone age, we are now living in the data age. Most businesses have now ditched their paper based workflows and are using digital tools to run the business. But are you using these tools as effectively as you could be? Your business produces a huge amount of data every day – analysing this data can provide great insights in to your customers behaviour and spending habits. They say 80% of revenue comes from 20% of customers. But do you know which of your customers are generating most of your revenue? Our bespoke software solutions put data analytics at the heart of the system. Our  graphical interfaces and reporting tools make it as easy as possible to identify key data, allowing you to make more informed decisions for your business. CASE STUDY Dumfries Curling Club wanted a booking system to help manage the scheduling of sessions on the ice, with a long term goal of tying in to the till system to track exactly who was paying for games, and who wasnt. We provided a custom booking system, as well as a custom till solution designed specifically to interface with this system. Now users can not only…
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First Impressions Count – So Make Yours Look Professional

A few weeks ago I was approached by a lead generation company. Their premise was simple – they’d go out and search through social media for the right contact person at companies that might be interested in my service. They were charging £1,000 a month for the service. They gave me an online demo, and they showed me an example of the data they had produced for another client …. in a google spreadsheet. They then went on to explain how they would add the contacts they discovered to this sheet, and how you could then update the date columns as you made contact with them. I nearly fell of my seat laughing. £1,000 a month for an excel spreadsheet? These guys suddenly started looking like amateurs.. simply by the way they were presenting their data. Lets leave the merits of their business model to the side for a minute. Imagine instead the image they would have presented if they sent a login to a client portal, showing a list of all your leads? A nicely branded, custom CRM system. Click on each one to see the status of the connection. Immediately they are presenting a much more professional image…
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