Case Study: Pioneer Foodstore

Last August we were approached by one of Carlisle’s premier food retailers – Pioneer Foodstore, with an interesting challenge: create a system to track Christmas orders… in just two months! Not one to shy away from a Challenge, we immediately set up a meeting to discuss requirements, and began building the system asap. The company had previously been relying on an excel spreadsheet – one per store – to keep track of the orders. This was proving time consuming, and meant they couldn’t get an overall picture of demand across the whole business easily. They had also suffered data loss the previous year when the file became corrupt. We designed a new solution to help them. See the below case study What Problem Were You trying To Solve? As the retail side of the business grew, so did Christmas pre-orders, and we were struggling to keep up. The old system, consisting of an excel spreadsheet, had become a bit obsolete and we needed to modernise it. How Was The Problem Affecting You? It was becoming very time consuming to entering orders, and keeping track of pre-ordered stock was done manually between all our stores. There was no oversight at an…
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What We Do, And Why You Need Us NOW

As a business owner, you know that you need an accountant and a lawyer. You probably also have a marketing expert you turn to when needed too. But do you have a web developer or software engineer on call? You probably should. Software is at the heart of every business – and how efficiently you use that software can have a massive impact on your business, both in terms of employee productivity, but also in the image you present to your customers. Sure you can scrape by with excel and word documents stored on a network or cloud storage system, but that only gets you so far. What happens when you have two people working on the same job, and are both trying to update the  spreadsheet at the same time? Worse yet, what if someone is using the wrong version of the spreadsheet? I’ve seen it happen before – companies losing out on revenue because someone quoted a job using the old quote template based on last years prices. Not to mention how you are supposed to get an overview of everything that is happening in the company, when all the information is spread across multiple spreadsheets. Just generating…
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Software Is An Asset – Not A Cost

Many people think of software as a cost to the business, but they really shouldn’t. Software is an asset that sets your business apart from the competition – It’s your competitive advantage. Case in point Suppose you are getting a package delivered. Who would you prefer to deliver it: DPD with their one hour delivery window and online tracker showing where the driver is, or another courier that hopes to get it to you at some point between 7am and 7pm? What’s the difference? DPD invested in their software systems, and created an integrated system to track all their vans, packages and schedules. The others didn’t. Which one feels like a more premium delivery experience? I wonder how much more business they won as a result of their better systems? More importantly – how much did they save through more efficient scheduling and fewer missed deliveries? Can you think of other companies that you have chosen to work with because they have better systems in place over their competitors? Or companies you avoid dealing with because they are a mess. Now thinking back to your business – what could you implement to help your business stand out from the competition?…
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