Lawrence Joins Us On Summer Placement

This week, Lawrence joined us for an 8 week summer placement as part of his Carlisle College computing course. At Nighthawk Software we are committed to working with the local universities and offering experience wherever we can. By working together we can ensure students are learning the skills that will help them succeed in the workplace, while giving them valuable real world experience to show how those skills can be applied in real situations. We are committed to offering placements as often as we can. If you are currently studying a computer related subject at college or university, and wish to break in to the web development industry, then get in touch with us to see how we can provide you with valuable real world experience and training. Send CVs to:
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Two Of Our Projects Receive Awards At The Royal Highland Show

  Two projects developed by Nighthawk Software have received awards at this years prestigious Royal Highland Show, the leading event for the Scottish agricultural industry. Both projects were nominated in the category of Technical Innovation, a category created to recognise design and innovation across agri-sector machinery and equipment. The awards showcase inventions and innovations that demonstrate a positive impact on agriculture; horticulture; equestrian; forestry; renewable energy; and estate activities. SafeForestry, a risk assessment and competency mobile app developed for our clients Duffy Skyling, originally covering the forestry industry, but currently being expanded to cover a wider range of industries such as farming and construction, was nominated for a Silver award in Technical innovation. Also receiving an award was our innovate farm management platform Agri Ignite developed for 5 Agri. While still in development and not currently publicly available, Agri ignite was recognised with a commendation in the technical innovation category, primarily on our work to provide a digital tool to assist 5 Agri with completing this years IACS applications. This commendation may later be upgraded to a Gold/Silver award once the project launches. “It’s a great honour to receive an award from such a prestigious event such as the Royal…
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The Question I Hate The Most? “What’s Your Budget?”

Last week I was looking to partner with a local company on a potential project, and I ran in to what is probably my least favourite question to hear in business. “What’s your budget?”. Why do I hate this question? Well, because in most cases, it’s followed by “sure.. we can do it for that”, and suddenly you’re committed to spending your entire budget. There’s always a part of me immediately thinking, “damn, why did I say that figure? I should have said something a bit lower. Maybe I could have got it cheaper”. And right there – you’ve got an unhappy customer and the project hasn’t even started yet! When quoting a job, I always feel you should be looking at the requirements and estimating the time its going to take, breaking it down in to tasks and producing a rough timeline forecast, then checking this fits in to your teams workload. Now you know how long it’s going to take, you can multiply that by your hourly rate, and you have your quoted figure. Sure, sometimes it’s a good idea to quickly ask about the budget just to qualify the client – there’s nothing worse than producing a…
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