How Much Could Custom Software Save You?

Have a think about your employees typical day. How much time do they spend on repetitive tasks that could easily be automated?

Example 1:

Each Friday, your accounts department spend the morning running through all the jobs that have finished that week, create an invoice and send it to the customer. Time taken: 5 hours

What if instead you had a job tracking system that automatically generated and sent the invoices direct to the client when the job is marked as complete?


Example 2:

Each Monday, employees hand in their timesheets to the front office. Front office staff then spend the most part of the day entering these in to the payroll software. Time taken: 6 hours

What if instead your employees were able to enter their timesheets online, in to a system that automatically ties in to the accounts package you use? Instead front office staff spend an hour approving these timesheets?

How Much Could You Save?

Across our two samples, that comes to a saving of 10 hours every week. That’s 520 hours a year! Now depending on the wages of the employees in question, that could be a saving of anywhere from  £5,200 – £7,800 per year.

You can see how these savings will soon mount up. With a typical software project costing £10k, then it’s almost paid for itself in the first year – years 2 through to 10 are pure profit!

But it’s not just admin tasks that can be saved.

Example 3:

Each week you download production logs from each

of the machines on the shop floor. You then collate all of this information in to a spreadsheet, tidy up the columns, and generate a production report for the week. Time taken: 4 hours.

What if instead we developed software to pull back those reports in real time – and generated the reports for you? Total saving £3,000 – AND you now have real time reporting on production reporting instead of having to wait until Fridays report comes out. How much could you save if you were able to spot potential production disruption BEFORE it happens? You can’t put a price on that!


Many think of software as a cost – but the correct software system could be a massive cost saver for your business. Automate repetitive processes, increase awareness of what’s happening across the business, and save money in the process.

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