Our No Outsource Guarantee

You’ve spent ages looking for the right company to work with, and have finally selected someone local that claims to offer the service you need. But are they actually going to do the work, or will they just outsource it to someone else? Unfortunately, this is a common practice in our industry.

Mobile app development is a good example of this – you will find an abundance of web design companies stating that they also create mobile apps. Yet when you click on their portfolio of recent work, they don’t seem to list a single one – it’s clear they only do web design (and most do it very well, too). Yet they clearly state on the website that it is a service they offer – and when you call them, they’ll happily  give you a quote.

But most of them don’t have the ability to carry out this work – web design and mobile app development are two completely different skill sets.

Instead, they’ll outsource it.

But who are they outsourcing it to? In most cases I’ve came across, they’ve simply hired a freelancer based in Asia that they’ve found on an online marketplace who will do it nice and cheap. So much for keeping it local! The chances are they have never worked with this person before, so you just don’t know their level of ability or how much experience they have.

That’s not to say that all freelancers are bad – there are some great freelancers out there who often do some great work, and sometimes collaborations work really well to deliver a great product. But unfortunately more often than not I’ve seen it end in tears. I’ve heard some real horror stories – including paying a premium rate to outsource to what appeared to be a high reputation, extremely experienced developer, only to find out that they’ve then outsourced it again themselves to someone with next to no experience! And more than once I’ve heard of the freelancer abandoning the project halfway though – presumably because a better offer came along.

That’s the problem you get when you outsource to freelancers that you haven’t worked with before – you can’t predict the quality of the results.

That’s why I made a choice to only accept work that we have the skills to take on ourselves. If it’s a technology we don’t know, then we either suggest you use an alternative that we are familiar with, or we turnt he job down. We’re laser focused on what we offer – quality software development for desktop, web or mobile platforms. We don’t pretend to do any more than that. We’d rather turn the job down and refer you to someone with the right skills than try and take it on ourself and deal with finding a reliable freelancer.

And that’s why we now offer a “no outsource guarantee”.

We employ an amazing team of extremely talented developers. We only take on jobs that we know they will be able to handle and will enjoy working on.

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