Software Is An Asset – Not A Cost

Many people think of software as a cost to the business, but they really shouldn’t. Software is an asset that sets your business apart from the competition – It’s your competitive advantage.

Case in point

Suppose you are getting a package delivered. Who would you prefer to deliver it: DPD with their one hour delivery window and online tracker showing where the driver is, or another courier that hopes to get it to you at some point between 7am and 7pm?

What’s the difference? DPD invested in their software systems, and created an integrated system to track all their vans, packages and schedules. The others didn’t.

Which one feels like a more premium delivery experience? I wonder how much more business they won as a result of their better systems? More importantly – how much did they save through more efficient scheduling and fewer missed deliveries?

Can you think of other companies that you have chosen to work with because they have better systems in place over their competitors? Or companies you avoid dealing with because they are a mess.

Now thinking back to your business – what could you implement to help your business stand out from the competition? What would help you become more efficient and save money?

Give us a call at Nighthawk Software and we can analyse your business systems and propose solutions to help you scale and grow more effectively.

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