What We Do, And Why You Need Us NOW

As a business owner, you know that you need an accountant and a lawyer. You probably also have a marketing expert you turn to when needed too. But do you have a web developer or software engineer on call? You probably should.

Software is at the heart of every business – and how efficiently you use that software can have a massive impact on your business, both in terms of employee productivity, but also in the image you present to your customers.

Sure you can scrape by with excel and word documents stored on a network or cloud storage system, but that only gets you so far. What happens when you have two people working on the same job, and are both trying to update the  spreadsheet at the same time? Worse yet, what if someone is using the wrong version of the spreadsheet? I’ve seen it happen before – companies losing out on revenue because someone quoted a job using the old quote template based on last years prices.

Not to mention how you are supposed to get an overview of everything that is happening in the company, when all the information is spread across multiple spreadsheets. Just generating a report can take hours of scrolling through spreadsheets and copy+pasting the information.

I’ve also spoken before about the image your software systems present to your customer. Do you come across as an amateur in your field with antiquated manual systems, while all your competitors are using fancy mobile apps and client portals? See our previous post Software Is An Asset, Not A Cost.

So What Do We Do Then?

To start with, we sit down with you and your employees, and we take a look at your business processes. Specifically, we try and look for the following:

  • Slow, labour intensive processes – such as manual entry of timesheets, manually generating invoices, copy and pasting information between spreadsheets to generate reports etc.
  • Client interaction points – how do clients get the information they want, and what image does this project of your company in the mean time (e.g manually phoning up for a status report)
  • Availability Of Data – do you know exactly what is going on in your business at any one time, and how easy is it to find this information?
  • Pain Points – any other process that is causing issues in your organisation – e.g sales department sat waiting on warehousing to update stock levels before they can begin selling a new range, quoting department held up because John is away on holiday and forgot to save his work to the network drive before he went, Constantly having to recover documents because someone overwrote someone elses work. etc.

Case Study:

We recently undertook a project for Pioneer Foodstore. Christmas is one of the busiest times of year for the company, so in order to meet demand they request that customers pre-order their Christmas Turkeys along with any additional items they may want, in order to ensure they are available.

Previously this consisted of a paper based system – customers would fill out paper forms, ticking the items they wanted and entering quantities etc. This was done across 3 different locations, then sent to head office to be tallied up.

We were tasked with replacing the processing of these forms with a digital system – once handed in, the forms are entered in to an online system. This then gives real time reporting to head office showing them exactly what is needed and when. Now for the first time they are able to break down demand per store too, something they previously couldn’t do.

The system has really came in to it’s own this year as they begin to look at placing orders for next Christmas – now they know exactly what they need to be ordering for each category, and which store the stock needs to be allocated to.

Not only did we fix the pain point of processing the orders, but thanks to having all the data in an easy to access portal, we also increased the reporting possibilities beyond what was previously possible. All of this coming as a boost to the bottom line – reduced cost of processing and cost savings through more accurate forecasting of demand next year.

All of this was achieved through custom software designed to meet the companies exact needs.

What is the biggest pain point in your business? Give us a call and we will find out for you, and suggest ways we can address it. With some companies reporting productivity gains of up to 40% from adopting better software systems, what are you waiting for!

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