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Since 2013, we have been working primarily with local based companies in Carlisle & Dumfries & Galloway to help them become more efficient. We create custom software products to help you run your business, become more efficient and grow.

We could increase your productivity by up to 40%! Find out more now!

We simplify your business

Think of us as your tech partners.  We analyse your businesses processes, and find ways that we can improve them. We look for processes that are labour intensive – are you producing invoices manually? Does someone spend a Monday morning typing in everyone’s timesheets for last week? We find situations like this, then design software solutions to automate them – a project management system that automatically invoices the client when the job is marked as done, a digital timesheet app etc.

By doing so, we can free up your employees to work on more productive tasks.

Our Services

Our service area focuses on two categories.

Web Development

Our specialty is to create web based systems that your employees and customers can access from anywhere, on any device. Our products encourage greater collaboration between employees in a way that scales and grows effectively with your business, while offering the security to ensure users can only access what they need access to.

Examples include:

Booking / Reservation Systems, Project Management, Invoicing, Timesheets, Manufacturing Reporting, CRM, HR, and a whole lot more.

Mobile App Development

Mobile applications offer a unique opportunity to better engage with your customers in ways that just weren’t previously possible. Whether it’s a cafe offering table service, a newspaper offering notifications of breaking news, or a business providing access to customer data for field engineers, the possibilities are endless, and having a mobile app is becoming essential to conduct business in the digital age.

Why choose us?

At Nighthawk Software, we live and breathe software. Our 14 years of experience and intense technological knowledge enables us to build tailored solutions that will empower your business. Save time and money whilst improving customer relationships by harnessing the power of the technological environment. We track the latest industry trends and combine them with our in-house expertise, enabling us to provide powerful and unique software that fits with the SME sector perfectly.

Talk to us

We have the solutions to enable your business to reap the rewards of the latest technology. Let us do the hard work, using our expertise to integrate bespoke software systems with your current processes. The result? You reap the rewards of previous investments whilst tapping into industry-specific knowledge.

Our clients are spread throughout the Carlisle, Cumbria/Dumfries & Galloway area but we can also work globally. Talk to us today and let’s begin working together.