Software To Simplify Your Business

Web based system shown on a PC, tablet and mobile phone.

Our solutions work across all devices, from desktop to mobile, allowing you to access your companies systems from anywhere.

We specialise in creating software solutions to simplify the daily lives of small businesses.

How much time do you lose each week filling out paperwork or repeating the same task over and over? Automate and streamline your business with a bespoke solution designed specifically for your needs.

Every company has a collection of Excel spreadsheets and Access databases they’ve developed over the years to help them run their business. These are great for small businesses, but as you grow, you start to run into problems with this approach: file locked by another user, multiple copies of the same file, some users using outdated copies etc.

That’s where we can help – we can develop custom solutions designed specifically for your businesses processes. Change your software – not your business.


Our Process

It all starts with your business. Before we can even begin to design a software solution, we need to get a feel for your business, and understand what makes it unique. We’ll have a chat with you and your employees, and get a better understanding of what your business does, and how you do it.

Once we better understand your processes, we’ll put together a proposal on how we can develop a system to make your employees lives easier, and your business more efficient.


Example Projects

Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

Manage your clients and track engagements and interactions with them through a customised portal. Work the way you want to, not the way Salesforce wants you to.

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Project Management System

Keep track of every project or job taking place in your business, and store the information that is essential to you.

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Stock / Inventory Management System

Keep track of your stock, and integrate into your e-commerce system with a customised inventory system.

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Do you operate a manufacturing process? If so, we can pull back production data and generate on the fly reports for you.

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Web Analytics

Google Analytics not quite showing you the information you need? Create a custom analytics solution that shows you exactly the information you need to see.

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SaaS Product Development

Got a great idea for a software product? We can help make it a reality.

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