Simplifying Your Business

Nighthawk Software Ltd is a software development company based in Edinburgh, Scotland. We specialise in the creation of cloud based, SaaS web solutions. Our goal is to create software tools to simplify your business, by reducing paperwork and dependence on excel spreadsheets.

Below is a list of our current products.


ITADCollect is a web based solution for IT asset disposal companies. Providing the full traceability required by many industry certifications, ITADCollect makes running a modern ITAD easy.

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PlaneLogger is an online logbook for planespotters. Featuring one of the largest registration databases available, PlaneLogger offers fleet listings for every major airline, both past and present.

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CommunityWebAnalytics is a brand new web analytics system designed specifically for community based websites. Providing far greater insights into your users behaviours than currently possible by existing solutions.

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